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Various Small Works

2014 - Present

During my time with GSQT Fashions I worked on a lot of projects. My tasks included mainly pattern draping, but frequently a lot of the more experimental aspects of the costumes as well as just about all of the painting/graphics work. Frequently we didn't have the time to get a lot of photos of work in progress, or at least not enough to do a full write up on the project. Once and a while I would also get to build costumes for productions I was on, but they frequently were small pieces for background characters and either were hidden or didn't get used at all. Additionally, I will sometimes make pieces for myself that aren't costumes, per se, but are still great examples of work and pieces I'm proud of. Here are some of the smaller bits and bobs I had my hands in. 

1920's Christmas Gown

Personal 2017

1920's lounging robe made to go over a gold sequined dress for the Volpin Props Christmas party. When you challenge me to go "Black tie formal" I bring my A-game! Sequined salmon chiffon, napped and cut to my own original design. Salmon chiffon lining and faggot stitched back seam... 

1930's Tea Gown

Personal 2017

Originally made to be worn to a friend's wedding, this had turned out to be a wonderfully versatile period costume for a few very productive photoshoots! Silk jaquard, based off a 1930's Simplicity pattern. 

JAXX - League of Legends

GSTQ Fashions - 2014

Jaxx was a big project in terms of time invested. All of the material was hand dyed using fiber reactive dyes and batik methods. Real fur was used from a handful of vintage mink stoles and the belt was leather, with the emblems made of foam. While differant people worked on the project, my mands were mainly in the pattern making, dyeing, and painting. 

Minecraft Family

GSTQ Fashions - 2014

This was a super fun project commissioned by a family who loves their video games! Full "Family Portrait" style outfits made to mimic the "diamond armor'from the popular building game "Minecraft." We patterned very simple outfits of a dress, shirts, pants for the father and shorts for the boys, as well as ball caps and a beach hat for mom. Then I designed and drafted geometric patterns to give them the pixelated feel of the game.

Magikarp Swimsuit

GSTQ Fashions - 2015

How do you make a costume water friendly? That was the challenge for this commission set to debut at Colossal-con, a water park based cosplay convention. The swimsuit we made out of neoprene and spacer spandex and any pieces that needed to behave stiffly, were backed with a thick marine vinyl. The details were all hand painted using acrylic fabric paints. A good portion of this project would not have been possible with out our very heavy duty industrial machines, which is always ironic to think about. using on something as traditionally delicate as swimwear. 

Lady Thor

GSTQ Fashions - 2015

Armor pieces for a "Lady Thor" commission. The armor was 3D printed by Hex Mortis studios and painted by myself. The red cape I drafted the pattern for, recommending the cowled back to add a little sexiness to the costume.

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