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Maya :: Boarderlands 2

Personal Costume

August 2014


At least for me anyway... This bodysuit went through 6 mockups while I worked to get all the pieces just right. Because of the numerous different fabrics being used, and the fact that nearly every piece of it was a different weight of stretch spandex of some kind, It was a ton of work putting together a finished garment that was identical to the game model, and still had a realistic feel to it. 

The fist mock-up was a simple bodysuit that i then free-hand drew the design on. After that i cut it in pieces added seam allowances, put it back on the dressform and redrew the lines where I wanted them. This took a lot of finagling but the end result was very rewarding. My good friend Catherine Lewis was kind enough to stitch the final form while I did all the "cell shade painting" on Maya, as well as Cathy and her husband's "Psycho" costumes for this group cosplay. 

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