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Alexa Black :: Graphic Artist and Creative Design


Black Bird Creative

This Industrial sculpture went from Concept to Shoot in less than 14 hours. The need was for a large sculpture to fill the wall of the Purifoy lobby. It needed to fill the wall and work with the LED light sculpture on the perpendicular wall. 

Because the film industry is well-known as being volatile, this whole concept needed to be made, installed and ready to shoot by the following afternoon.


My aim was for something ultra modern, minimalist and easy to fabricate in house since we wouldn't have time to send it out. When I began putting the pieces together in my mind, it came together almost instantly. We would use frosted and clear plexiglass and various heights of stand-offs to make a layered 3D effect.  


I spent about a half hour setting up the design and another ten minutes with the Set Decorator tweaking it to the wall's specifics. Then it was hustled off to construction for immediate fabrication. 

There were a a few snags in the install as we had to get creative with the layering and positioning of the standoffs, but it was ready to go with enough time to also throw together a logo sculpture under the set's stairs displaying the Purifoy logo in an increasing scale to the size of the plexiglass. 



Industrial Wall Sculpture


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