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Alexa Black :: Graphic Artist and Creative Design


Black Bird Creative

My first real design project that involved more than just printing a sign on a substrate. 

This simple design is actually a lot more complicated the closer up you get. After drawing in the pieces of glass I then went in and added high resolution photos of actual lighted stained glass from stock images. Each piece was selected, adjusted, and scaled differently so everything looked organic and unique and not like a digital pattern. I thin went in and added "shading" to the lamb to add extra depth to the image. 

The final images were printed on a clear plexiglass with raised ink for the black "lead" lines. I had originally hoped to do each of the crosses individually so they too were unique, but we ran out of time and they had to just be mirror images of each other. 

Added to that, we took the main image of the lamb and cross and simplified it to be CNC cut from various layers of wood for a relief sculpture on the wall. 



Realistic Stained Glass


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